Final stretch here onĀ Come Out and Say It. The bad news is that any of the really interesting tidbits or photos from rehearsal would spoil the show, and one of the fun things about doing only original works is that there are still things to spoil.

Something exciting about doing a Coil show is that it is possible, as we get into our week of final rehearsals, to have all the creatives in a room at once. That’s soup to nuts, the writer, the director, the producers, the lighting and sound designers, and even the various members of the board doing the program and the tickets and the wine and cheese at the reception – everything. No matter how peripheral some roles may seem to the core of putting a play up, we’re all together committing to making one single experience that is all about the same thing. It’s also wonderful to work with people that have such a shorthand with each other. There is an immense amount of trust, and as we go more out on a limb with Coil, that trust is going to be critical.

From a conversation with our multi-talented designer, Rebecca Fischler about our Director Victoria Glock-Molloy:

“Victoria has total faith in you.”

“That level of trust sorta freaks me out.”

“It’s all we have the budget for.”

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