Strange Tales

We love scary stories. Or, I love scary stories, and I’ve got the business cards that say “Director” on them, so I get to use the royal we.

Can we tell you the truth? We are GIGGLING over here with glee. The three pieces we’ve put together for you are coming together so nicely. I (dropping royal we now, it’s obnoxious) go to rehearsals and I get all creeped out. And when I get creeped out I know you’ll get creeped out! And that’s what we (non-royal, actually collective) all want.

Strange Tales is three short plays spanning the gamut of what you’d expect from a Halloween soiree. We’ve got a little science fiction, a little supernatural fiction, and a little straight up what-the-fiction. We’ve got twist endings, chilling revelations, and even a little comedy. We’ve got booze, people. We’ve got candy. That’s right, every evening includes admission to the famous Coil Afterparty where you can pretend that none of that really scared you, that you knew it was all just a story, while you stay as close to the light and other people as possible for as long as possible before stepping off into the lonesome October night.

It’ll be fun.

Eventbrite - Strange Tales: A Coil Halloween Special

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