Her name was…oh crap what was her name?

Oh I’m just kidding. It was in the October of 2002, and I was a sophomore in college. She was tall, with large chestnut eyes and long slender arms that ended in these delicate fingers that actually generated electricity whenever she touched me.  She was brilliant and funny, the first woman I was ever really…amazed by. And she wanted to hang out after dance practice. This was huge.

It was midnight when I strolled up to the hammocks behind our dorms with a couple of cans of Canada Dry and a bag of gummy bears that I had purchased with laundry change. She was wearing a purple hoodie and yoga pants that made her legs for days stretch into weeks. I eased myself into the hammock and we both sat quietly for a while. Eventually, she commented on how sore her feet were, which led to the discussion of topics which included dancing, India, her childhood there, her move to Japan, shrimp-flavored Pringles, curry flavored Pringles, and the fact that I am related by marriage to a prominent Indian adult-romantic fiction writer. We talked the whole night. The next morning I walked home feeling something that I now know to be totally unique to 19 year old boys who finally get over themselves long enough to fall in love for the first time.

Go ahead. Ask.

Did I make a move? Hell no. Have you ever tried to make a move in a hammock? Let’s just say both people need to know exactly what’s about to happen every step of the way or disaster is pretty much inevitable.

Did anything ever happen? Well, sure.

Did it work out? Are you crazy? I was 19. I can barely commit to brunch plans, and I’m 31 years old.

Why am I telling you this? Well, not only because I went on the best date ever and I paid for it with laundry money, but because that was the night I started my love affair with October.

I. Freaking. Love. October. The air, the leaves, the sweaters, Halloween, football, beer, all of it. It’s my Jam, yo. Therefore, I am PUMPED about The Coil Project are putting on an October show. You know what, guys? Strange Tales is going to be a lot of fun. Erik Harrison, our dashing crypt keeper, is going to guide you through three original pieces that we are really excited to have you come see. Erik has masterfully penned Headaches to leave you second guessing some of the noises you hear in your house. Happy Anniversary, one of Erica Smith’s more romantic works, will make you rethink that date you have coming up. Finally, How to Make Your Rage Work For You will totally change the way you talk to folks in HR.

AND THEN WE PARTY. We’ve got seasonal cocktails, beer, and a delicious non-alcoholic option (no, not water). AND CANDY. This is how we do fall at The Coil Project. So go ahead and turn off ESPN’s pre-game-show’s pre-game-show’s pre-game show, or Martha Stewart’s live from Folsom Prison scone hour, and come let your buddies here at The Coil try to entertain you for a little bit. Afterwards we can all raise a glass and drink to…to…Jesus Christ what was her name?

Ah, screw it. I’ll see you guys this weekend.

Strange Tales
October 10-11 at 8:00

Eventbrite - Strange Tales: A Coil Halloween Special


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