Let’s see if I can get away with it…

By: Andy De, Writer/Director, #sexts

I want you to come to our show, really I do. Not only am I proud of it, but the show has given me the chance to work with a fantastic director, to be onstage with a wildly talented friend, and direct two actresses whose natural warmth, wit, and delivery could turn any old drivel into pure gold.

There’s only one problem:

I’m a total fraud.

No seriously…I have no clue what I’m doing.

Write a play? What? I can’t write a play. Direct? What does a Director even do? Act? What…you mean in front of people? Why? Why would you have me do these things? Why would you have me doing all these things in the same production? Are you totally out of your mind???

I mean, it’d be one thing if I was Erica Smith. Erica is the real deal. Erica Smith plays are always wonderfully sharp and creative, constantly finding a natural humanity in even the most alien situations, and Those Are Your Only Options is no different.  It’s just going to be terrific.

It’d be another thing if I was Erik Harrison. Erik can take the mere words off of the paper and create the most brilliantly complex, vulnerable, and funny characters, who always manage to tug at your heart-strings while sending you into fits of laughter, just like his portrayal of Archer in 2-for-1.

It’d be fine if I was Rebecca Fischler. Rebecca just…understands people, and she uses that to inform the way she directs Erik and me in 2-for-1, asking us insightful questions that allow us to find parts of our characters we never thought about. She’s taken a play that could have easily been no more than a collection of one-liners and turned it into a real conversation between two old flames that anyone who has been burned by love can relate to.

But no, I’m not any of these folks. I’m not Victoria, Emily, Maggie, Jenny, or Mike either. All of these people are gifted, and knowledgeable, and their work is going to keep you wickedly entertained during your time with us.

Nope…I’m Andy. The fraud. So go ahead, buy your ticket, bring your friends, and make sure you stay after for drinks. (Or come before if you’re doing our early Saturday evening show).  I’m going to try to keep scamming you guys, as well as, my buddies at the Coil Project…let’s see if I can get away with it.

#sexts, a tease is directed by Andy De. He is also appearing as Emiliano in 2-for-1. Fourplay–four short plays on love, romance, and related matters is showing at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) at 8PM April 24, and at 6PM and 8PM on April 25.

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