I love Halloween. I also love radio.


I was the kid who started planning Halloween costumes in August. My birthday is in January, but I always celebrated by inviting my school friends over in October for pumpkin-painting. I was also the kid who sat in the back seat of my parent’s station wagon as they blasted all the classic public radio favorites. Many a time we sat in the car parked in the driveway just to hear the end of a radio program.

So I am thrilled to bring both of these things I love together in a live radio drama performance this Halloween weekend.

This fall, the Coil Project launched a bi-weekly radio program on Takoma Radio (check them out, they’re great!)  So we decided to take our Halloween Strange Tales tradition in a different route this year with Strange Tales: A Scary Home Companion. We’re bringing you four original radio plays performed live along with live sound effect recording.

It’s contemporary spooky stories told from an old-timey storytelling medium! It’s a little modern, a little vintage! It’s a nice reprieve from the ubiquitous Halloween bar crawl, but with plenty of autumnal beverages! It’s Halloween and it’s radio- and it’s theater and it’s my favorite people!

So come join us this October 28th, 2016 at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. Party starts at 7PM. Curtain goes up at 8PM. Hope to see you there!


–Victoria Glock-Molloy

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