Anindya De, Managing Director

Jenny and Andy

What’s your day job?

Consultant, Risk Analyst, Irrational Optimist


Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Fortinbras, Next Fall, Earth and Sky, Shining City, and that one video from my brunch after my birthday.


What’s your role in The Coil Project?

Head of things that don’t require Artistic Talent


Where would you like to see The Coil Project go?

I would love to see The Coil Project become the go to resource for any aspiring playwright, director or actor that wants to take their work and put it up in front of an audience. Not just the work they’re sure about, but the stuff that may need to be workshopped, or even the stuff they’ve been told is a crazy fever nightmare of a pipe dream. And I want them to look at their insane idea and I want them to say “…who the hell would be stupid enough to take the risk of sinking resources and time into seeing if this works?…IT’S TIME THOSE MOTLEY CRUE THEATER DAREDEVILS AT THE COIL PROJECT”


Are you working on anything else, at the moment?

Interesting question…I’m definitely not perfect so…yes…yes I guess I am.


Do you like internet followers? How do I do that?

I’m on the twitter. @therealanindya



Not if I Coil you first.

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