Margaret Brown, Communications & Guest Relations

Margaret Brown, Operations Coordinator

What’s your day job?
Program Support (66%) Musician (33% and counting!)

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
Probably!  Try imagining me in a burgundy snuggy. If that seems oddly familiar, then you’ve seen me perform as a chorister/cantor at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. If not then you may have seen me singing at your friend’s wedding or perhaps you’ve caught one of the recitals I’ve produced. Did you see our 2015 Capital Fringe production, #sexts? Yup, that was me in the back.

Where would you like to see The Coil Project go?
I’d love to see us make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! Translation: Just as Han Solo shortened his smuggling runs by flying dangerously close to black holes, I hope the Coil Project will evolve and grow by taking risks and making bold choices.

Are you working on anything else, at the moment?
All roads lead to Easter. By that I mean, it’s my choir’s busiest season and I’m about to enter a music cave for a few weeks. Spoiler alert: We’ve got some incredible music queued up, so please check out St. Matthew’s Cathedral website for more info!

Do you like internet followers? How do I do that?
Twitter: @margaretbbrown


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