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rf-feb2015Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

I’ve been really Coil-centric for the last few years, so if you recognize me it’s probably from Virginia community theater in pre-Coil times. My faves from that era:

Julie in Perfect Wedding, McLean Community Players (2014)
Polonius in Fortinbras, Capital City Players (2013)
Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, Aldersgate Community Players (2012)
Jenny in Widdershins, Little Theatre of Alexandria (2011)
The Intellectual Girl in Play It Again, Sam, Little Theatre of Alexandria (2010)
Nancy in Angel Street, Castaways Community Theater (2009)

I’ve also done a fair amount of behind-the-scenes work at places like the Little Theatre of Alexandria, but you shouldn’t have seen me there. Unless I’ve been doing it wrong.

What’s your role in the Coil Project?

Gosh, um… website mistress. Transportation director (i.e. the one with a car). Cautionary tale? I try to make myself useful.

Coil credits:

Lighting designer, Come Out and Say It
Amy, “Happy Anniversary,” Strange Tales
Director, “2-for-1,” Fourplay
Vicky, “#sexts: a tease,” Fourplay
Vicky, #sexts
Producer, Strange Tales II: A Little Stranger
Jo, “Jolene,” Strange Tales II: A Little Stranger
Noa, “On the Rocks,” April Fools’ Laughstravaganza
Sparrow, It Will All Make Sense in the Morning
Julianne, The Greatest Holiday Special (N)ever
Ash, “Up Tall and High,” and Penelope, “Please, Louise…”, Less is More
Peaseblossom, the doctor, Bernardo, and an attendant in The Changeling Child

Where would you like to see The Coil Project go?

Where no one has gone before. More specifically, museums, dance halls, garages, watering holes, backyards… I’d like to get theater out of theaters and into places it will surprise people.

Do you like internet followers? How do I do that?

Check out my website at — I’ve got grown-up things like my resume there. On Facebook it’s mostly just photos of my cats.


Yes, have some.

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