Meet the Thieves

We’ve asked some of the cast members of Come Out and Say It to give us a little insight into their characters. Here’s what they had to say.

Erik Harrison as Vale:

Vale is a thief for hire who happens to be confined to a wheelchair. He is a thorough and careful planner who depends on a team to do what he thinks of as the ‘real work’ of executing the job. He is also the heart of the dysfunctional family he has built out of that team.”

Anindya De as Anders:

Anders walks the line between your dreams and your nightmares. He is the piece of apple stuck between your teeth, the one sock who doesn’t have a match, the wine for which there is no suitable cheese. You think his sexual hubris will be his downfall and yet you can’t bring yourself to look away. And don’t you test him on how to pronounce state capitals…so help you…”

To hear from the rest of the cast on their characters, keep checking back here for updates at the Coil Project blog.

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